Dallas | 1809 - Gris Chine Moyen (met anti-slip rug) - Silver - Carpet colours - Red Carpets
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Dallas | 1809 - Gris Chine Moyen (met anti-slip rug)


  • Materialneedle felt
  • Width 2.00 meter
  • PackagingPer rol 25 x 2m (50m²)
  • Weight80.00 Kg

The Dallas deluxe quality comes standard with a protective film, gel/rubber backing (anti-slip) and certified fire coating.
• The Dallas quality can be delivered within 48 hours
• Has a very luxurious look and feel
• Dallas is 100% recyclable.

.TIP: We carry various fixing materials for fastening your carpet runner. For instance, duct tape, double-sided tape and fastening pins. After use, the tape can easily be removed from the surface. We can supply duct tape in the colour of your carpet runner (if available).

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