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Inspiring red carpet examples

Are you interested in using a red carpet in the near future and looking for inspiration? Check out the beautiful examples from our customers! As you will see, there are not only unlimited variations for the red carpet, but also with the coloured or printed carpets. For your company and for your personal wedding or baby shower. Do you have enough inspiration? In that case, shop online for your perfect red carpet in our webshop!

Buy your poles & ropes at GJ Floors!

Are you looking for poles or ropes? Our webshop offers the perfect poles and ropes for your red carpet or entrance hall! At very affordable prices, without compromising on quality. Why would you choose to buy poles and ropes? Because that way you will be able to ensure that your carpet continues to radiate luxury. Moreover, poles and ropes are very practical. They do not only keep bystanders at bay, they also help you to streamline large crowds. Admit it: there are plenty of reasons to complement your red carpet with matching poles and ropes.

Beautiful materials

Our webshop offers a wide range of poles and ropes. This is clearly reflected in the large choice of materials. Whether you like brass, chrome or black matte: GJ Floors has it all. This way you can match your poles and ropes to the location and the accompanying red carpet. And you not be the only one that will notice this level of perfection, your customers and visitors will too!

Several designs

Besides several material options, our webshop also offers several designs of poles and ropes. You can choose a pole with a round or oval head, detachable ropes, poles with extending ribbons and a wide variety of colour combinations and designs. What about blue velour or shiny red braided ropes? There is plenty choice!